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  • Willem Coetzee



    Willem is the active ingredient that brought The Fresh Lab into being.
    His passion for architecture and sustainability lead to the obvious start of
    a sustainable architecture and construction company.

    He graduated from UCT and has spent 8 years in the architectural sector
    gaining the experience and knowledge needed to make this lab a positively explosive one.

  • Natasha Clinton

    Natasha has been interested in all things sustainable since she was first exposed to it during her
    studies at Wits while completing her Bachelor of Architectural Studies.


    In between taking architectural designs from concept to construction she makes sure all our
    followers on social media are kept entertained with sustainable information and ideas.


    Sustainable projects within the community most definitely get a chemical reaction going
    within this one.

  • Justine Moreton


    Justine is our resident environmentalist. She graduated from Wits University with
    a BSc Honours focusing on Environment, Ecology and Conservation and thereafter
    found herself in our labs, where she is leads our investigations in permaculture
    and green products.


    She has always been interested in the sustainability of the environment, after
    all we us them to provide for ourselves! She would like to see a balance between
    technological advancement and maintaining healthy ecosystems.  This type of
    thinking is why we have her on our team!