Green Architecture is an approach to architectural design that focuses on natural lighting, ventilation and passive heating and cooling. These are all very important aspects, I am sure you will agree, as the cost of electricity continues to rise and the availability of coal decreases rapidly.


This type of design is achieved through:

             Correct orientation of the building, which is north facing

             Overhangs on northern facades

             Controlled glazing on eastern and western facades

             Correct use of insulation

             Calculation of R-Values of building materials to ensure minimum transfer of heat


Together with this we ensure that all designs incorporate rainwater harvesting in order to save water. The built environment is one the largest consumers of potable water in the world, it is therefore imperative that we recycle water wherever possible. This is another of nature’s resources that is not infinite.

We also have extensive knowledge of the new SANS 10400-XA and SANS 204 building regulations and the processes required to get plans approved promptly.