Sustainable Construction should not be seen as something that is exclusive to expensive or large projects, as it has the potential to be applied to any development. All that is required is the correct knowledge at specification level and the right construction team. The Fresh Lab pairs with reputable contractors who are capable of carrying out sustainable construction methods as well as alternative approaches such as:


Lightweight steel construction


Composite Walling

This is a composite walling system in which a combination of EPS (expanded polystyrene), steel framing and sprayed on concrete are used for the construction of buildings in record time, offering the look and feel of brick/mortar construction. This system is a fifth of the weight of normal brick walls and boasts incredible insulation properties. Panels are cut from large EPS panels with structural light-gauge steel inserted into the core of the panel before they are delivered to site for erection.


ICF - Insulated Concrete Formwork

This system refers to the use of solid concrete walls, instead of bricks, to build high quality homes. A mould/form made out of EPS (expanded polystyrene) is set up on site, into which reinforced steel is inserted and the concrete poured. The EPS mouldings are left in place and plastered over and painted creating not only a reinforced steel and concrete wall - but also a high performance thermal and moisture barrier to give the building – house or commercial project – industry leading strength & durability, as well as advanced moisture and thermal insulation.


Concrete Panel System

This is a composite lightweight concrete panel system that consists of panels that can be used for both load bearing and non-load bearing walls in homes, apartments, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, etc.

Panels are moulded in a factory using fibre-cement sheets as surfacing with a low density concrete core consisting of a mix of Portland cement - silicaceous and micaceous aggregate. Panels are transported to the site and fitted in a tongue- groove way to one another and using steel channels/framing to attach to the structure.

There are of course other building methods available and we are able to assist with whichever you require. If we have not worked with it before then we must admit we always welcome a learning curve.


Building regulations


At The Fresh Lab we are proficient in the new SANS 204 and 10400-XA building regulations, ensuring your project is designed and built to the correct standards.